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The air we breathe

        The hazards of Geo engineering


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   Quiet weapons

           The dangers of silent arsenal

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The study of frequencies, acoustics, is a much lauded scientific break through, having long lasting effects on the human body. How can they be used for good? And how are they being used against us?  Read the article to find out now!

 As we strive forward to protect our lovely planet, what is an allowable side effect as we struggle to combat climate change? Are disease and death an appropriate risk to mitigate a partially natural occurance?

Read the article to find out just what's going on!

The air we breathe

The hazards of geo engineering

As we near the official February 14 launch of seeds of sight, we will have a lot of new things to keep your eye on, see below for the newest updates and additions to the site!

Quiet weapons

The art of using sound for health benefits and as weapons